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Onboarding and Authorization Redefined: Welcome to the Rollup ID OIDC Experience

May 9, 2023
Adrian Maurer (@a11hard)
  • Rollup ID simplifies user onboarding with its one-click sign-up feature and empowers users by turning the "issuer" role in the OIDC protocol into the user, allowing them to take their credentials from app to app.
  • By enabling progressive authorization, Rollup ID gives users control over their data and services, providing a tailored and secure experience across multiple applications.
  • With applications for businesses of any size, across all industries, Rollup ID is revolutionizing the way businesses and users interact, prioritizing privacy and security while streamlining the user experience.

Let's face it: the web is a mess of usernames and passwords, and nobody has the time (or patience) for it. That's why we're putting people back in control with Rollup ID. Our mission? To make the web a more private place where businesses and consumers can thrive together. Say goodbye to the headache of juggling multiple logins and hello to the one-click sign-up. Your life is about to get a whole lot simpler.

The beauty of OIDC and why it matters

OpenID Connect (OIDC) has become the gold standard for authentication, and for good reason. It's secure, seamless, and keeps the bad guys out. Rollup ID is proud to be OIDC compliant, so you can trust us to keep your data safe while making your online life a breeze.

Flipping the OIDC script

At Rollup ID, we thought, "Why not put users in the driver's seat?" So, we did. By turning the "issuer" role in OIDC into the user via proxy, we're giving you the power to take your credentials from app to app. No more remembering countless passwords or worrying about your data being mishandled. It's a win-win for both users and service providers.

The art of progressive authorization

Progressive authorization is like a bouncer at a club – it only lets in the people (or data) that you approve. With Rollup ID, you choose which credentials and services to authorize for multiple apps, giving you the control you deserve. It's about time your online experience got a whole lot more personal (and secure).

Connecting Verified Accounts

Rollup ID in the wild

Imagine a world where industries like healthcare and e-commerce have seamless, secure user experiences. With Rollup ID, that's not just a pipe dream – it's our reality. We're breaking down barriers and helping businesses build trust with their users, all while protecting privacy like never before.


The future of the web is user-centric, and Rollup ID is leading the charge. Our platform is revolutionizing the way we interact with applications, giving users the freedom to manage their data across multiple services securely. So, join us on this journey to a safer, more private digital economy – you won't regret it.

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