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Your Application Control Centre

Create and manage applications, give them your own custom look and feel, and connect your smart contracts to turn blockchain accounts into customer relationships.

Control Your Creations

Setup an Application

- Create and delete applications to onboard your users.
- Manage authorization scopes to control access to data.
- Configure team access and security key expiry.

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Design Your Experience

- Manage all your accounts in one place.
- Add your own application name, logo, and branding.
- Connect your own social and marketing accounts so your users can stay in touch.

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Build Customer Relationships

- Get your user list by connecting your smart contracts.
- See who is logged in and get their contact information.
- Get analytics on your customers and track trends over time.

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Simple User Onboarding

Get users into your application with simple, secure, and standard onboarding. Make sure all user data is available and correct right when you application needs it.

Secure Data Controls

Add, create, and manage scopes to control access to your application data and get permissioned access to rich public data sets.


Control your user experience with expressive white-labelling options. Use your own application logo, name, domains, social accounts, legal text, and marketing materials to make your onboarding experience unique.

Customer Management

Get lightweight customer identity, access management, and relationship management in one unified package. Connect your smart contracts, get lists of your token holders, and convert blockchain transactions into repeat customers.

Groups & Roles

Effortlessly create organizations, onboard team members, and assign exact permissions, ensuring everyone has the appropriate access tailored to their role. With the ability to designate specific responsibilities and maintain comprehensive oversight, you're empowered to optimize application management, promoting both efficiency and security in your workflow.

Free and Open Source

Rollup is open source and does not charge fees for monthly active users.

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