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Introducing Rollup ID

March 21, 2023
Adrian Maurer (@a11hard)
  • Rollup ID combines Decentralized Identity (DID) with interoperability, collaboration, and lifecycle management, offering a user-driven approach to digital identity.
  • Rollup ID allows companies to quickly adapt to changes and streamline their processes and opens up new opportunities to work together and with their users.
  • Rollup ID is built on open standards and protocols, ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure and facilitating seamless integration across apps and platforms.

The Access Bridge to Your Users, Everywhere

In an increasingly connected world, the need for a secure, user-driven, and privacy-focused digital identity has become increasingly essential. Traditional identity solutions like OAuth and OpenID have been valuable, but a decentralized approach that empowers users and service providers is now more crucial than ever. We are excited to introduce Rollup ID, the next-generation identity and auth platform that combines the power of Decentralized Identity (DID) with interoperability, collaboration, and lifecycle management.

Rollup ID: A User-Driven Approach to Identity

Rollup ID aims to provide users with greater control over their data, ensuring increased privacy, security, and convenience. By combining the best of existing standards with the power of Decentralized Identity, Rollup ID delivers a true Identity 2.0 experience. Our vision is to create a world where users own their data and can control their online identities seamlessly, acting as the access bridge to users everywhere.

Rollup Auth Flow

Benefits of Rollup ID

  1. Open Source and Scalable Identity Infrastructure: Rollup ID provides a flexible and scalable identity infrastructure that reduces costs and improves user experiences. Built on open standards and protocols, our platform ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure and services.
  2. Decentralized Identity for Web3 and Traditional SaaS: Both Web3 and traditional SaaS use cases are supported, allowing them to offer better user experiences while aligning with their values and requirements. With Rollup ID, users enjoy seamless access to services without compromising their privacy.
  3. Enhanced Security, Control, and Lifecycle Management for Enterprises: For highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance, Rollup ID offers a secure and scalable solution to manage user identities, access, and lifecycle. Our platform provides the necessary tools to maintain compliance while safeguarding sensitive information.
  4. User-Driven Identity for Game Developers and the Metaverse: Rollup ID enables game developers to offer players a private federated identity that they can take with them across platforms and the metaverse, fostering better engagement, loyalty, and personalization.
  5. Interoperability and Collaboration Across Apps and Platforms: Rollup ID facilitates seamless integration and cooperation between various systems, allowing users to access multiple services with a single identity and enabling service providers to collaborate on delivering better experiences.

Getting Started with Rollup ID

To get started with Rollup ID, simply create an app on our console at and create an app with a few simple clicks. Integration is as simple as choosing your favorite OAuth library ore tool. We even support integrating with popular platforms like Firebase and Supabase. To learn more about how to use Rollup ID in your applications, visit our documentation at With your existing or any off-the-shelf OAuth library, integrating Rollup ID is a breeze.

App Dashboard

Use Cases for Rollup ID

  1. Financial Services: Streamline onboarding and KYC processes, improve compliance, prevent fraud, and offer financial product direct to customer.
  2. Customer Incentives: Personalize loyalty programs, referrals, and promotional offers.
  3. Gaming: Enable cross-platform identity, improve player experience, and enhance personalization.
  4. Collaboration and Interoperability: Facilitate seamless integration and cooperation between various systems, allowing users to access multiple services with a single identity and enabling service providers to collaborate on delivering better experiences.
  5. Account Abstraction on Ethereum: Simplify and enhance user experience on Ethereum by abstracting account management, providing users with a more intuitive and seamless interaction with decentralized applications.

Passport Manager

What's Next for Rollup ID

We are committed to continuous improvement and expansion of our platform, with plans to introduce new features, enhance security, and further streamline the user experience. Our roadmap includes advancements in zero-knowledge proofs, support for selective disclosure of identity attributes, and integration with existing identity standards.

Join us on our journey to revolutionize the world of identity and auth. Together, let's build a more secure and connected internet with Rollup ID, the next-generation decentralized identity solution.

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