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Explore the Web With Rollup

Login to apps, show off your profile, send and receive messages, stay in control of your data.

Control Your Identity

Universal Identity and Profile

- Customize your profile.
- Show off your favorite PFP everywhere.
- Reserve your display name.

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Private Account Management

- Manage all your accounts in one place.
- Set account images and nicknames to organize them.
- Separate your financial and gaming assets.

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Permission access to your data

- Let apps access your data to serve you better.
- Control which app has access to what.
- Keep your apps on a need-to-know basis.

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Social & Crypto Login

Connect to applications with your social accounts or sign-in with a wallet of your choice. Easily create dedicated wallets for applications to increase safety.

Reusable KYC

Constantly going through KYC is a pain. Store your encrypted KYC information once and authorize which applications can access it.

Encrypted Messaging

Rollup.id allows you to send and receive secure messages without sharing your personal information, like your socials, Discord, email, or phone number.


Manage your personal and application data on decentralized storage networks like IPFS.

Free and Open Source

Rollup is open source and does not charge fees for monthly active users.

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